Drawing a simple still life  with color relativity



  • Create a colored pencil drawing using color relativity
  • The drawing is from direct observation of a cylindrical object and a spherical object (It could be a plate and an egg)
  • Use all areas of chiaroscuro. See diagram at the bottom of the page.

Notice that these drawings both contain the following:

  1. Cylindrical Object
  2. Spherical object
The two images below are excellent examples of the type of colored pencil drawings we are looking to match or out-perform. The students who made these used very limited colors. They used basically the primary colors. They were especially sensitive to "color relativity".Color relativity means that the colors of your subject are always affected by the colors of other objects in the immediate environment. Furthermore, the colors are always affected by the light source. Flourescent light produces blue shadows, incandescent light produces warm tones, sodium lights produce greenish hues etc.

by Jen Krajewski

by Sam Smeach

Learn from a Master: Giorgio Morandi

Notice how Morandi makes the shadow inside the overturned bowl pickup some of the cool blue of the vase in front of it. This is very smart considering that this piece is done in basically complimentary colors - Blue vs. Orange


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